Greetings from Cimarron

The City of Cimarron was first settled in 1878  and took its name from a fork in the Santa Fe Trail which led travelers to the Cimarron River. The city was was incorporated in 1885. Cimarron is located in Western Kansas, at the intersection of US Highways 50 & 23. It is 27 miles east of Garden City and 22 miles west of Dodge City. Cimarron offers residents great schools, public facilities and year round recreation opportunities. We have a colorful history, many historic landmarks, beautiful scenery, and many opportunities in our small community.

Cimarron Updates from the Mayor

Hello citizens of Cimarron. It’s been quite some time since I have gathered news of Cimarron to share with you. I have had numerous questions about Highway 23 through town and all the potholes and bumps. Here is the latest information about progress in this area. There are two street projects in our future. First is the one from Avenue C (south corner of the courthouse) south to the bridge and from Court Street north to Prairie. Project One: the bid has been let and the construction completion date is October 28th, 2022. There is a penalty clause if it goes past the completion date. The asphalt company has not let us know of the start date at this writing. Project Two: is from Avenue C to Court and from Prairie to the water tower. The bid has been let and the contract has been awarded. The date to begin construction has not been determined but should be completed in the fall of 2023. The projects are funded by the Kansas Dept of Transportation, and we are subject to their processes and timelines. 

Another project is the street scape in the south part of town. This will include new sidewalks from the railroad tracks to C street. The finished product will resemble the sidewalks north of the railroad tracks. In addition to the streetscape, we will be replacing the water main from north of the railroad tracks south to Avenue E, The funding for the streetscape is the State of Kansas and the water line replacement is paid by the City of Cimarron, it is believed this water project may well be replacing original water line from when the town first installed our public water system. The bid letting date is schedule for April 19th, 2023. 

Another big project for the city residents is the painting of the swimming pool. This is paid for from sales tax collections earmarked for the upkeep of the pool and is scheduled on a three-to-five-year rotation. It makes it look new; stop and see how nice it looks. 

Unfortunately, we have no insight into the Hwy 50 project between Cimarron and Dodge City, 

Thank you for your time. 

Gilbert Benton, Mayor of City of Cimarron 

City of Cimarron

119 South Main Street
P.O. Box 467
Cimarron, KS 67835
P: (620) 855-2215
F: (620) 855-3183
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.