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Hello everyone, many great things have been happening in the Community Development office at City Hall. We have a full board of directors with nine total members consisting of Dr. Mike Waters as President, Taylor Dye as Vice President, members are Acela Roman, Jara Wilson, Jan McNiece, Chelsea Wehkamp, Darrell Dupree, Sharon Erickson-Fryback, and Autumn Vanley. The city applied for a Moderate-Income Housing Grant (MIH) in September of 2022 for the Bainter Addition. Wes Bainter also applied for the Kansas Housing Investor Tax Credit (KHITC) to go along with our MIH application. We will know if we are awarded these grants sometime this November. A group of individuals have been working diligently on childcare needs in Cimarron. We all understand the need of infant and after school care in our community. In October the city council approved a new city website. With this new city website, an app is included for residents to download on their smart phone if they wish. We are hopeful to have the new website and app live by the new year. In addition to a new website, the city has been working on updating our welcome packets for new residents with current information. New things that have been added into the packet are coloring books, city stickers, and magnets. If any current residents would like one, they are welcome to come to the office to grab a magnet, sticker, or coloring book. We are also working on updating our city information booklet, visitors guide, and a list of businesses to have the most current information. Every month the community calendar is made to help inform our residents of events taking place in our community, you can see it posted on the Community Development Facebook page. You can also come by the Community Development Office to see the list of events on the wall, including job openings, rental list, and soon a house for sale list. If, you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop by the Community Development Office or contact Erin at (620)855-2507.