Community City Development Wagon

Hello everyone, CD office has hit the 2023 year off running full speed. The city is applying for a Moderate-Income Housing Grant (MIH), our first application in 2022 was not awarded, but we are hopeful of receiving the first round in 2023. It will again be for the Bainter Addition on the north end of town, the six lots along highway 23. If awarded, Wes will be having WK Construction build these homes. Wes Bainter will apply for the Kansas Housing Investor Tax Credit (KHITC) again. We shall know if we are awarded these grants sometime this March.

The Cimarron Community Childcare has been working hard to gather research and statistics. Committee chairs will be attending Communities in Action, a Childcare Aware of Kansas training; we are excited to learn more information and bring it back to our community and committee. Currently, we have two surveys out. One has been given or mailed to business owners; the other is a community-wide survey. We would appreciate it if each of you took the time to fill out our survey, whether you need childcare now, future, or in the past.

Our new website has been up and running for a couple of months; changes are still taking place, so if you are looking for something, don't hesitate to contact the office. You can also download the City of Cimarron app on your smartphone. Would you happen to know how you can do this? You will need to go to Play Store (Android) or app store (Apple) and search for Cimarron City KS (it should have our city logo). To receive notifications, you need to go into the app, click settings, click push notifications, and then select the City of Cimarron and Community Development. Business letters were sent out to update information for our welcome packets and our shop local website. Please let me know if you are a local business and have yet to receive a letter. As a business, you can list job openings on this website or contact Erin if they would like it posted.

The discussion has begun for the 145th Cimarron Celebration, and a date has been set for July 9th, 2023, starting at 6:00 pm and ending at 9:00 pm. The Museum Passport game will begin very soon; Cimarron will have 4 locations listed and Stauth Museum in Montezuma. Please visit for game details and the start date. Unfortunately, with Rooster Roundup this year, we had no pheasants turned in.

We are excited to announce that the League of Kansas Municipalities asked Cimarron to be the community profile feature in the Kansas Government Journal. Our profile feature will happen in the March journal, and in July, the league will be here to do a video of the town. A date for the video has yet to be set, but they will have drones as they do a video over the whole city. In March, we will post the article featured in the journal to the Jacksonian, our website, and social media so all can read it. Finally, I thank Lynne Hewes and Sara McFarland for their help with history, editing, and layout suggestions.

Every month the community calendar is made to help inform our residents of events taking place in our community; you can see it posted on the Community Development Facebook page and check the community calendar on the website and app. You can also visit the Community Development Office to see the list of events on the wall, including job openings, rental lists, and house lists for sale based on Zillow or listing for Cimarron. If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the Community Development Office, or contact Erin at (620) 855-2507.